We Understand You, You Achieve It

With over seven years of industry experience and dedicated specialists in every field globally, we're here to shape your future together.

Our company by numbers

We employ over
employees across World
We work with over
national and multinational companies across all industry sectors
We place over
temporary and permanent candidates each year
More than
years of international experience

Our Core Values

Show empathy
Embrace empathy and become a hero!
Embrace honesty
Honesty always stays within bounds!
Assume control
Fully take responsibility for your actions.
Prioritize growth
Always strive for excellence.
Place the customer in the spotlight
Prioritize people-centered customer service.
Show reverence for data
Treat data as a valuable ally.

Best Team for You!

Barbara Hall
Senior Recruiterr

Barbara has an extraordinary talent for identifying and connecting top-tier candidates with the ideal career opportunities, resulting in consistently successful placements

Joanne Douglas
Chief Customer Service Manager

Joanne pioneers lasting client partnerships by deeply understanding their unique needs and delivering exceptional service and support throughout the recruitment process.

Scott Cooper
Chief Talent Acquisition Manager

Scott orchestrates a strategic vision for talent acquisition, ensuring that the company attracts, retains, and nurtures top talent for sustainable growth.

Jose Ball
Senior HR Specialist

Jose's unmatched skill in managing employee relationships creates a harmonious workplace where both employees and the company thrive in a productive and respectful atmosphere.

Our Approach

With over seven years of industry experience, BaiaViva boasts a team of dedicated specialists, both men and women, who possess unparalleled expertise in their respective roles. Our Recruitment Consultants are matchmakers, connecting talent with the perfect positions, while our Client Relationship Managers forge enduring partnerships based on trust and satisfaction. Our Talent Acquisition Managers craft strategic talent blueprints, and our Human Resources Specialists ensure our internal practices reflect the highest industry standards.

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Join us at BaiaViva, where we believe in the power of talent to shape the future, and together, we'll create a world of boundless possibilities